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Hello, I am Daniel Mullarkey, the businessman, laborer, and hobbyist and the primary Member Manager of Technotalus LLC, with the other Member Managers being my own parents. Technotalus LLC is a home-based business that conducts for-profit e-commerce activities as part of the Information Technology and Information Systems industries. Computing technology is diverse and complex and should be treated that way. I have a unique ability in terms of reading letters and symbols that is highly useful in the Information Technology and Information Systems industries. I am not a careless worker but a carefree worker who seeks both happiness and self-actualization in the workplace. Clients are expected to have a reasonable degree of computer literacy but need not be computer savvy or computer experts. Technotalus LLC envisions a worker’s culture wherein all employees can work at their own pace as long as they make valuable contributions to the workforce while meeting deadlines combined with raises based on performance evaluations. Technotalus LLC does Information Systems and Technology research and development to sell to the American government and the general public. Currently, I am working on a high level encryption standard and a highly advanced puzzle game, and when I am finished with those, they will be available for sale to the public at large. I also create novelty websites and computer programs for web surfers and e-consumers, some of which amount to mature, adult-level content that is not meant for most families or businesses, but any websites like that are accessible from the following portal and are business-friendly and family-friendly. I am CompTIA A+ certified, I have an A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems from Camden County College, a B.S. in Technical Management from DeVry University, a Computer Programming certificate from The Cittone Institute, and a Computer and Network Support Technician certificate from Lincoln Technical Institute. I am willing to travel to fix computers and willing to travel or work from home to create custom documents, software, and databases. Does work locally and consultations are free. Costs negotiable depending on time and effort rendered. 7% NJ sales tax applicable for jobs done within NJ. Please note: Allergic to dust mites. Moderate coordination skills. Lives with parents.

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